i2Act is an initiative to provide consulting, coaching, mentorship and guidance to new localized social initiatives. Increasingly it is obvious to all of us that unless local solutions of various kinds are taken up by citizens, many of our existing social issues are never going to be addressed or reduced. Across the world several local community actions are overcoming as diverse problems as afforestation, soil reclamation, water body and encroachment reclamation, organic food production and distribution, addressing the health needs of the elderly, security needs of the local community, creating awareness on new forms of threats and illnesses, creating local knowledge networks for sustainability and disaster response, etc.,

Chennai and Tamilnadu has several remarkable local community actions and some of the best known community work, whether it be solid waste management, roof top organic gardening, rain water harvesting or providing support to the abandoned people, have been pioneered in Chennai and today some of the most pioneering institutions in these sectors are based out of here.

If you have an idea that you feel can be converted into a local community /  social initiative, then you are a client for us. Yes, there are right attitudes and ideas to begin with, however, to formulate these into projects,initiatives and actions on the field requires a few skills, networking and knowledge. i2Act aims to provide you with just that.

The ventures supported by this consulting work are –

  • Neighbourhood Community Initiatives
  • Local / Neighbourhood School Initiatives
  • Local / Neighbourhood College Initiatives
  • Local area / Regional Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
  • Locally relevant Social Entrepreneurship

The team with a collective experience of more than 5 decades in the social sector will provide these services through regular workshops, one-on-one meetings, on-line courses and tele-cons at a very nominal cost. If you have an idea to change the society, this is time to act. Here is an introductory video on i2Act by Subha.


Problem Statements that have shaped our services are –

  • Neighbourhood Community Initiatives: “I want to start something to address this problem in my neighbourhood”, “we are fed up with waiting for someone to come along and solve our problems, we are willing to do it ourselves now”…
  • Local / Neighbourhood School Initiatives: “we want our children to take up small impactful local activity that can give them a learning and will also be relevant, we don’t know how to go about creating such a project nor do we know all the stake holders involved in this process”
  • Local / Neighbourhood College Initiatives: “our youth are looking at adventure and impactful social initiatives, but, we have to balance their time along side the time for academic activity, what is the kind of project and how do we manage them to ensure that the students do a programme that is impactful and yet it is not too much of a diversion for their academia”
  • Local area / Regional Corporate Social Responsibility Projects: “we have small budget and are looking for creating impactful and sustainable local projects around our work area that can build us goodwill with the community, where do we start? is there a blue print for such work?”
  • Locally relevant Social Entrepreneurship: “i want to quit my corporate job and start something that is socially relevant and yet it shouldn’t compromise my livelihood. even if it doesn’t pay as much, as long as it pays, i am fine”


Mrs. Subha Bharadwaj
A nature lover who has attended many a camps and treks through Cauvery Guide  Group and Youth Hostel Association of India, also an ardent follower of traditional practices like Yoga and Ayurveda., believes the knowledge base of our ancestors is the best.
A mother of 2 sons whose journey with environmental education started with wanting to provide a safe and clean environment for her children.  This has turned into a passion with wanting to leave a safe planet for the future generation.
Her association with Safe Food Alliance , an organisation which fights for food safety and sovereignty of farmers also promotes organic and traditional farming and revival of native crops in the rural community. Was part of the organizing committee of the National seed diversity festival 2017 at Anna University, Chennai.
Also a core committee member of Organic Garden Foundation, an organisation which motivates and inspires the urban lot to grow their own
food on terraces and balconies through social media.  They also create gardens in schools to create awareness about growing food to children.
Volunteers with various other organisations to promote Good Health and fight malnutrition through Ayurveda and to elevate the knowledge and skill of rural children to match that of their urban counterparts.
Following her great grand mother Vai.Mu.Kothainayaki’s footsteps, has ventured into empowering women and girls through her grandmother’s trust, Mahatmaji Seva Sangam.
Her association with TREE Foundation happened when her son wanted to attend a ‘Turtle Walk” 9 years ago. The journey, thus started has resulted in her being the Educational Coordinator of TREE Foundation the last 8 years.

Prasanna, a senior consultant with Samanvaya is part of the i2Act venture. Having served more than a decade and half years in the city based CSR and social ventures, he is well versed with the needs of the social sector and provides guidance and mentors several social sector organizations.

Ramasubramanian, Chief Consultant of Samanvaya is one of the leading development consultants in Southern India with more than 2 decades of experience in the social sector.


email: i2act@samanvaya.com

phone: Subha – +91-9444926128